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Products in 'EBC Rotors'


      EBC Blade High Carbon Rotor (Slotted)

New EBC Blade slotted rotors are built using the new EBC High Carbon GG15HC iron for all front fitments (rears are in standard iron) and offer a great new choice in sport rotors with a silver finish for superb looks and corrosion resistance while offering the ultimate in sports rotors.

      EBC Sport Rotor (Dimpled & Slotted)


*Wide aperture grooves

*Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC

*Dimple hole construction

*Balanced geometry


The wider slot actually draws cool air across the pad surface keeping pads and rotors cooler. They also expel dust, dirt and hot gases better than fine slots which eventually fill with rust and scale and become ineffective in our opinion.

The blind drilled holes break down surface gases when braking from speed but do not weaken the rotor cross section as can happen with through drilling, thereby lessening the chance of rotors cracking over time and heavy use.

Zinc anodised for European cars and imports.

Black anodised for USA domestic vehicles.

      EBC Ultimax Rotor (Slotted)

The new ultimax series offers much quieter braking and features a new special paint process to prevent corrosion.

      EBC OE Premium Replacement Rotor (Solid)

EBC Premium Disc - EBC is proud to be one of the only companies selling a British manufactured brake disc. Our high quality grey iron includes copper to increase thermal conductivity and wear properties.
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