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Products in 'Monroe Brakes'


      Monroe Ceramics

Cooler Stops:

* Up to 350* cooler than other brake materials

* Minimal rotor wear

* Longer pad life

* Consistent, comfortable and smooth braking power

Cleaner Stops:

* Formulated without ferrous metals*

Quieter Stops:

* Precise control of vehicle NVH (noise/vibration/harshness)

      Monroe Dynamics

OE Constant Pressure Molding:

* For bonding the pad to the backing plate.

50% Less Resin:

* Results in less pedal fade.

Denser Friction Material:

* Produces less noise, less dust and helps ensure superior stopping performance.

      Monroe Brakes Shoes

Monroe Brake Shoes feature:

* OE-quality stopping power and performance.

* OE-style design helps eliminate chatter and rear wheel lock-up.

* 100% New Carbon Steel Friction bonding requirements to vehicle application.

* Made from 100% new carbon steel.


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