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EBC Wear Lead Sensor Kit

EBC Wear Lead Sensor Kit
Many Asian and USA vehicles use a rivet on screech clip, a small gold colored metal clip in a U form that contacts the rotor as the pads are low and makes a loud noise to remind you of the need for pad replacement. You only need ONE clip per set of pads and that is all EBC use in most cases. There is NO NEED for multiple clips and there is no safety issue with less. Pads wear evenly unless there is a major caliper problem and one clip will alert you of a pad requiring replacement. This assumes of course your calipers are functioning properly and sliding freely which is part of any routine brake install. It is always good practice to check pad wear every 3000-5000 miles anyway, whether or not you have indicators of any type on your car.

For more information about this product please call 1-888-51BRAKE (1-888-512-7253) and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

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